Titus Aelius Lucius (Armoured)


WS: 55
BS: 45
S: 60 (SB: 8)
T: 40 (TB: 8)
Ag: 42
Int: 45
Per: 36
WP: 48
Fel: 41

Wounds: 22
Movement: 5/10/15/30
Fate Points: 3

Acrobatics: 42%
Disengage: When taking the Disengage Action in combat, the character may make a Challenging (+0) Acrobatic Test to reduce it to a Half Action.
Jump and Leap: An Acrobatics Test may substitute for an Agility Test when jumping or a Strength Test when leaping.
Awareness: 36%
Ciphers (Chapter Runes): 45%
Climb: 40%
Command: 41%
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes): 45%
Common Lore (Imperium): 45%
Common Lore (War): 45%
Concealment: 42%
Demolitions: 45%
Manufacture Explosives: An Extended Demolition Test allows the character to manufacture explosives from basic components.
Defuse Explosives: Defusing explosives requires an Opposed Test against the Demolitions Skill of whoever set them.
Dodge: 42%
Drive (Ground Vehicles): 42%
Intimidate: 40%
War Cry: As part of a Charge Action the character may make a war cry. This is a Free Action targeting the recipient or recipients of the charge. The character makes an Intimidate Test opposed by the target’s WP. If the character is successful, the target suffers -10 to all Parry and Dodge Test against the charging character. Creatures immune to Fear and other psychological conditions are immune to the effects of a war cry.
Literacy: 45%
Navigation (Surface): 45%
Pilot (Spacecraft): 42%
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes): 45%
Silent Move: 42%
Speak Language (High Gothic): 45%
Speak Language (Low Gothic): 45%
Tactics (Recon & Steath): 45%
Tracking: 45%

Ambidextrous: The character does not suffer the -20 penalty for actions using his off hand.
Assassin Strike: After making a melee attack, a successful Acrobatics Test allows the character to move at half rate as a Free Action. Opponents do not receive free attacks resulting from this move. The character may only make this move once per Round.
Astartes Weapons Training: The Battle-Brother is proficient with bolt, chain, melta, plasma, power, flame, primitive (ranged and melee), las, solid projectile and thrown and launcher weapons of all Classes.
Bolter Drill: The Tactical Marine gains a +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests and +2 to Damage when firing a Bolt weapon.
Bulging Biceps: The character can fire heavy weapons using Semi-Auto Burst or Full Auto Burst without bracing, and does not suffer the -30 penalty for doing so.
Deathwatch Training: All Deathwatch Space Marines automatically confirm any Righteous Fury results against alien enemies without needing to re-roll the Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill Test.
Hatred (Orks): When fighting Orks in close combat, the character gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill Test made against them.
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight): The character gains a +10 bonus to any tests specifically involving these senses.
Killing Strike: When taking the All-Out Attack action, a Space Marine may spend a Fate Point (before rolling the dice) to make his melee attacks for that round impossible to Parry or Dodge.
Nerves of Steel: The character may re-roll failed Willpower Tests to recover from Pinning.
Quick Draw: The character can ready a Pistol, Basic or one-handed Melee weapon as a Free Action.
Resistance (Psychic Powers): The character gains a +10 bonus to Tests to resist the effects of Psychic Powers.
True Grit: Whenever the character suffers Critical Damage, halve the result (rounding up).
Unarmed Master: The character’s unarmed combat attacks do 1D10+ Strength Bonus in Impact Damage, and no longer have the Primitive Quality.

Betcher’s Gland: The Space Marine may spit poisonous acidic saliva at his foes. This acts as a ranged weapon with the following profile: (Range 3m; Damage 1D5; Pen 4; Toxic). If he gains three or more Degrees of Success on his Ballistic Skill Test, he may also blind the opponent for 1D5 Rounds.
Black Carapace: Although a Space Marine in power armour has the Size (Hulking) Trait, his enemies gain no bonus to hit him thanks to his Black Carapace.
Catalepsean Node: A Space Marine suffers no penalties to Perception-based Tests (such as Awareness) when awake for long periods of time.
Larraman’s Organs: Space Marines do not suffer from Blood Loss, unless it is afflicted by an attack with the Warp Weapon Quality.
Mucranoid: The Space Marine may re-roll failed Toughness Tests caused by temperature extremes, such as desert heat or the cold of deep space.
Multi-Lung: The Space Marine may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation. In addition, he gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests to resist the effects of gases and may re-roll failed results. He may also breathe water.
Neuroglottis: The Space Marine may detect any poison or toxins by taste with a successful Challenging (+0) Awareness Test. He may also detect poisons or toxins by smell with a successful Hard (-20) Awareness Test.
Omophagea: By devouring a portion of an enemy, the Space Marine can gain access to certain information once known to that enemy.
Oolitic Kidney: The Space Marines can re-roll any failed Toughness Test to resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the Toxic Quality.
Preomnor: The Space Marine gains a +20 bonus to any Toughness Test against ingested poisons.
Progenoids: It requires a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test to leave the progenoids of a fallen Space Marine behind.
Sus-An Membrane: The Space Marine may voluntarily enter a form of suspended animation after 1D5 Rounds of meditation.
Unnatural Strength (x2): The character’s Strength Bonus is multiplied by 2.
Unnatural Toughness (x2): The character’s Toughness Bonus is multiplied by 2.

MkVII Power Armour
Gauntlets of Xirion: This suit’s armoured gloves have been replaced with a unique pair of MkIV gauntlets (with AP7). They are said to have been worn by one of the Space Marines in the army that fought further away from Terra than any other in history – the ultimate reach of the Imperium, now long lost to aliens and warp storms. The wearer is filled with all the potential honour and valour of the Pax Imperialis. He gains a +10 WS bonus, plus a +5 Fel bonus when dealing with anyone loyal to the Imperium of Man.
Ceramite Plating: Provides AP10 to the Body and AP8 to all other Locations.
Enhanced Strength: Increase the Battle-Brother’s Strength by +20 (already included in profile).
Auto-Senses: The Space Marine gains the Dark Sight Trait (eliminates penalty for dim or no light), and gains a further +10 bonus to Sight and Sound based Awareness Tests (stacks with Heightened Senses Trait to provide a total +20 bonus). Input filtering provides immunity to photon flash and stun grenades, and allows the Marine to make the Called Shot Action as a Half Action.
Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: With the helmet on the armour is environmentally sealed and can maintain an adequate oxygen supply as long as the unit is powered.
Bio-Monitor and Injectors: Provides a +10 bonus to Tests requesting the Toxic Quality and similar toxin attempts, and if the wearer is Stunned the effect lasts a maximum of one Round before the bio-monitor detects and negates it.
Pain Suppressor: The pain suppressor reservoir contains a total of 6 doses, each of which can be used to ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 Rounds. The doses may be used in succession or staggered.
Vox Link: Provides vox and data transmission.
Magnetised Boot Soles: Strong electromagnets are built into the soles of the armour’s boots. These magnets may be activated or deactivated at the beginning of the wearer’s Turn. Magboots reduce Agility bonus by half when used, but otherwise allow normal movement in low or zero-gravity areas provided there is a suitable surface to walk upon.
Nutrient Recycling: For every two weeks that no other source of nutrition other than that provided by the armour, the character must make a Toughness Test or suffer one level of Fatigue until nutrition is consumed. The Difficulty of this test increases one step for every two weeks that passes without food or Preomnor-derived sustenance.
Recoil Suppression: Provides the ability to fire Basic weapons one-handed. Ranged weapons not classed as Pistols still may not be used in Close Combat.
Giant Among Men: A Space Marine in power armour is Hulking, increasing his Base Movement by 1. His Black Carapace negates the modifier enemies would normally have to hit him. He still suffers a -10 penalty to Concealment and Silent Move. He also increases his basic move by one.
Poor Manual Dexterity: Delicate tasks suffer a -10 penalty unless using equipment designed for Space Marines.
Going Without A Helmet: A helmet can be put on or taken off as a Half Action, though the Auto Senses will not be available until the following turn as it takes a few moments for the Machine Spirit to activate. If a full environmental seal is desired, a Full Action is required to replace the helmet. Without a helmet, Auto-Senses and the environmental seal do not function, nor does the data link (though vox transmissions still run without a problem). The character does gain +5 to Fellowship based Tests, however.

Assuming power armour is a sacred ritual, honouring the machine spirit’s history of valiant deeds and praying for its boons in the battles to come. It takes 20 minutes to remove or don power armour unaided, and never less than 5 minutes no matter the amount of assistance as the proper rites must be observed.


Titus Aelius Lucius (Armoured)

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