Godwyn-Pattern Boltgun

weapon (ranged)

Class: Basic
Range: 100m
RoF: S/2/4
Damage: 2D10+5 X
Pen: 5
Clip: 30 (x3)
Reload: Full
Special: Tearing
Weight: 18kg

Tearing: This weapon rolls one extra die for Damage, and the lowest result is discarded.
Fire Selector: A weapon with a fire selector can have up to three ammunition magazines fitted at any one time. At the start of the shooter’s Turn, he can use his fire selector to choose which magazine he wishes to draw ammunition from.


The boltgun, or bolter, is the backbone of every Space Marine arsenal. Bolters vary in age and pattern across the Space Marine Chapters, though nearly all Astartes bolt weapons accept the same ammunition. The Deathwatch-issue bolter incorporates a fire selector.

Godwyn-Pattern Boltgun

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