Special Bolt Ammunition

weapon (ranged)

Hellfire Rounds: Originally designed to combat the Tyranid menace, Hellfire rounds have a devastating effect on organic matter. Their cores are replaced with vials of mutagenic acid that eats through any living material with horrific speed.
The weapon ignores Natural Armour and may inflict Righteous Fury on any damage die results of a 9 or 10. When used against a Horde, Hellfire rounds add one additional point of damage to the Horde’s magnitude per hit.

Kraken Rounds: The superior propellants in Kraken rounds provide increased range without sacrificing armour penetration, whilst their ultra-dense adamantine composition and improved explosive charge provide a final burst of force for puncturing the heaviest armours.
The weapon’s Penetration increases to 8 and its Range increases by 50%.

Metal Storm Rounds: Metal Storm rounds are tipped with proximity triggers, causing them to detonate sooner than standard bolt shells and explosively fragmenting before penetrating the target. When employed in a bolter with a high rate of fire, they can decimate groups of lightly armoured enemies.
The weapon’s Damage and Penetration are both decreased by 2, but it gains the Blast (2) Quality.

Stalker Rounds: Stalker rounds were designed for snipers using Stalker-Pattern Boltguns, and that is where they achieve maximum efficiency. However, they may be used in other bolt weapons to reduce their report. A Stalker round’s core is replaced with gas propellant and the mass-reactive explosive warhead is replaced with solid mercury.
Awareness Tests to hear shots made with Stalker rounds suffer an additional -30 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance. Reduce the weapon’s damage by 2. When used in a Stalker-Patter Boltgun, this damage penalty does not apply. Additionally, in such a weapon, no Tests to detect the shot are possible.


Special Bolt Ammunition

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