Solo Modes

A Space Marine’s greatest asset is his training, his lifelong quest for martial perfection that shames all others who aspire to the title of warrior. It is this exceptional skill at arms and in battle that marks him out as an elite warrior and part of the Emperor’s finest.

Burst of Speed
Effects: A Battle-Brother can call on reserves of speed when needed, crossing great distances to close with the foe. Once per game session, a Battle-Brother can perform a Burst of Speed. This ability increases the character’s Agility Bonus by 2 with all the usual associated benefits for a number of Rounds equal to his Rank.

Feat of Strength
Effects: Space Marines are genetically gifted with great strength, far exceeding that of normal men. In times of need, a Battle-Brother can push this great brawn to its limits to perform truly impressive feats. Once per day of game time, a Battle-Brother may perform a Feat of Strength. This ability effectively increases his Unnatural Strength Trait by one level, so for instance Unnatural Strength x2 becomes Unnatural Strength x3. This effect lasts for a number of Rounds equal to his Rank.

Blood Frenzy
Effects: Blood Angels possess a savagery in combat that has its roots deep in the history of their Chapter. It is, however, a trait that can serve them well in close quarters combat where strength and speed are vital. Once per combat, a Battle-Brother of the Blood Angels Chapter may summon up a Blood Frenzy. While under the effects of this ability, the Battle-Brother may re-roll Damage dice with melee weapons. In the case of melee weapons that inflict multiple dice of Damage, all dice or none must be re-rolled. In addition, such is the brutality of his attacks that he scores Righteous Fury on a dice result of 9 or 10 rather than just a 10. This ability lasts a number of Rounds equal to the Battle-Brother’s Rank divided by 2 (rounding up).

Solo Modes

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